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2015 Millbridge Speedway Rules Bulletin

2/24/2015 |

Pit Pass fees will have a $2 increase for 2015.  Adults will be $12, Kids 7-12 $8 Kids 6-under will be FREE!  This is due to our new insurance program for the track, racers and fans.  The new coverage is much greater and will be very beneficial for anyone who has to use it.  (Let’s hope we all never have to use it!)

As earlier announced.  In 2015 Hoosier Tires will be Mandatory as of our 5th race of the season which is May 13.  All new tires purchased must be Hoosiers.  Impound classes will HAVE to buy tires from Millbridge Speedway.  We will have plenty of tires in stock each week for sale.  Open division will be a Hoosier Tire only division as well with the exception of the SPEED SPORT Challenge and NC Race Week.  There will be $2 per entry per division put into the points fund each race for the year end banquet by Hoosier Tires.  They will be also giving out Championship Jackets and Tires at the end of the season.  The open division will be $1000 to win still with the bonus money from Hoosier added on top of that.

VP will be the official fuel of Millbridge Speedway but will not be mandatory except for in the Thumper X class.

In 2015 we will be adding a “Cadet Class” This will be for racers 4-6 years old.  We will not keep up points in this class and if the driver wins 2 races he/she will have to move up to the Beginner Box Stock division.  The rules for this class will be the same as the Beginner Box Stock division.

Beginner Box Stock and Box Stock.  Be sure to have your engine builder’s check out the 2015 AKRA engine specs as there have been some updates.  We are still going to run the small pipe on all these engines.  If you do not have tires in impound you MUST purchase new tires from Millbridge Speedway before you can compete.  We will be testing tires randomly throughout the season and will have a zero tolerance on our tire program.  No cleaning them at all until YOUR class FEATURE is over.  You will only be allowed to clean them in OUR sinks in the impound area with Water only!


Intermediate Division.  We will be allowing the 125cc engines to run with the Thumper X engine but the weight rule for the 125cc karts will be 420#.  The Thumper X engine will be 335#.  This has been done to help grow the division and if we have to adjust some rules to make both packages.  The 125cc will have a stock stroke and stock bore.  Must run treaded tires with a D50 RR tire.  The thumper X package will run the same slick tires as we have been except starting May 13 they will need to be transferred to Hoosiers.

Thumper X engines will be mandated to run the VP MR 12 fuel.  You do not have to purchase it from the track but it will be for sale at the track.  CV Products in Mooresville also has it in stock for sale.  Be sure to tell them you race at Millbridge.


Open Division. The only change for 2015 will be starting May 13 Hoosier Tires will be mandatory.  The first 4 races you can run Hoosiers or Burris.


SS Late Models (Mini Cup) Hoosier tires will be mandatory and we will have a Durameter rule of 55 after the races. Top 3 must stop at the tech shed to get tires checked.


Thanks to everyone who have helped us in the previous years.  We are extremely excited to be starting our 5th year at Millbridge Speedway and couldn’t have done it without all of your help and support!  We look forward to making 2015 the most memorable year yet and hope to see all of you join us for lots of fun and excitement this year!  Opening night is March 11!  Gates open at 5pm with Hot Laps at 7 and Racing at 8!

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