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Hubert Continues Dominance at Millbridge

11/3/2014 |

Only two points races remain in the season for some drivers a win is the championship and others its just another win to add to their season. The beginner feature began with newcomer Corbin McDonald battling with Eli Bodine for the lead until they got together on the front stretch. Aubry Rose showed girl power over the field and captured her first win. Gavan Boschele held on to second, Tyler Dolack third, Hunter Kohn fourth, and Tiffany Claridge rounded out the top five finishers. In the box stock division, Ahnna Parkhurst finally overcome her bad luck and put her number 23 back into victory lane. Carson Kvapil and Kyle Campbell put on a great battle for second, Clark Houston finished fourth, and Matthew Gould fifth. Zach Wolfe continued his Intermediate domination ahead of Blake Cisneros, Caleb Moore, Ahnna Parkhurst, and Carson Kvapil. Tom Hubert dominated the open division but all focus was on second place of Ethan Micthell as he tried everything he could do to keep right on Huberts tail. Mitchell would hold on to second, Woodward third, Briscoe fourth, and Bush fifth. November 5th will be the season finale where we will crown four champions. The banquet date is set for December 5th at The Pit in Mooresville. Tickets will be $20 and will be on sale at the track November 5th.

Beginner: 1) 7 Aubry Rose 2) 5 Gavan Boschele 3) 19 Tyler Dolack 4) 48 Hunter Kohn 5) 12t Tiffany Claridge 6) 13 Bobby Gould 7) 26 Ayden Turner 8) 14 Ethan Burdette 9) 12 Eli Bodine 10) 1F Kynzer Flynn 11) 1C Corbin McDonald

Box Stocks: 1) 23 Ahnna Parkhurst 2) 35 Carson Kvapil 3) 03 Kyle Campbell 4) 6 Clark Houston 5) 27 Matthew Gould 6) 10 Richard Gould 7) 5 Brooke Benge

Intermediate: 1) 25 Zach Wolfe 2) 77 Blake Cisneros 3) 62 Caleb Moore 4) 23 Ahnna Parkhurst 5) 11 Carson Kvapil 6) X Camron Spahn

Open: 1) 30 Tom Hubert 2) 19 Ethan Mitchell 3) 51 Chaz Woodward 4) 7 Chase Briscoe 5) 70 Chad Bush 6) 62 Hunter Richards 7) 87 Brandon Cavitch 8) 71 Kyle Beattie 9) 3 Karsyn Elledge 10) 23 Adam Lambert 11) 7ny Jimmy Allen 12) z8 Max McLaughlin 13) 1 Curtis Swim 14) 00 Caitlin Benge

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