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Hubert Returns to Victory Lane

10/13/2014 |

Only three more nights until four champions are crowned in the 2014 season. Some drivers felt the pressure as others had the points locked up. The drama and excitement for the night would come from the box stock division. But first Gavan Boschele would lead every lap in the beginner feature ahead of Eli Bodine, Aubry Rose, Hunter Kohn, and Corbin McDonald. Again, the drama came from the box stock division but not on the track but in the tech area. Kyle Campbell led 15 laps of the 20 lap feature ahead of Ahnna Parkhurst. After post race tech Kyle Campbell was deemed illegal. In order to give the win to second place, they would need to be approved through tech. Ahnna Parkhurst was not at the track therefor the track couldn’t give her the win. Richard Gould was deemed legal and the win was handed to him. Carson Kvapil finished second, Matthew Gould third, Clark Houston fourth, and Brooke Benge fifth. Hunter Richards came alive in the Intermediate feature leading every lap. The action came from the back stretch as Blake Cisneros flipped multiple times. He would get checked out and released from the paramedics. Hunter Richards went to victory lane ahead of Zach Wolfe, Dawson Cram, Ahnna Parkhurst, and Alex Bodine. With the bounty behind him, Tom Hubert was back leading every lap of the open feature. This win didn’t come easy to him as young Ethan Mitchell gained every lap and battled side by side with him. Ethan would settle for second, Max McLaughlin third, Kyle Beattie fourth, and Karsyn Elledge fifth. The Mini Outlaw Series will take a week off as Wingless Wednesday will be in action October 15. The DNQ Karting Series will also be back this Wednesday along with wingless micros, wingless opens, Davis Mini Cup, and legend cars.

Beginner Box Stock: 1) 5 Gavan Boschele 2) 12 Eli Bodine 3) 7 Aubry Rose 4) 48 Hunter Kohn 5) 1c Corbin McDonald 6) 13 Bobby Gould 7) 26 Ayden Turner 8) 12T Tiffany Claridge 9) 14 Ethan Burdette 10) 1F Kynzer Flynn

Box Stock: 1) 10 Richard Gould 2) 35 Carson Kvapil 3) 27 Matthew Gould 4) 6 Clark Houston 5) 5 Brooke Benge 6) 23 Ahnna Parkhurst 7) 03 Kyle Campbell DQ

Intermediate: 1) 62 Hunter Richards 2) 25 Zach Wolfe 3) 11 Dawson Cram 4) 23 Ahnna Parkhurst 5) 11 Alex Bodine 6) 77 Blake Cisneros

Open: 1) 30 Tom Hubert 2) 19 Ethan Mitchell 3) 8 Max McLaughlin 4) 71 Kyle Beattie 5) 3 Karsyn Elledge 6) 51 Chaz Woodward 7) 28 Derek Pernesiglio 8) 7ny Jimmy Allen 9) 00 Caitlin Benge

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