Millbridge Speedway is the new breeding ground for future NASCAR stars! In 2011 the Burnett’s took over Millbridge Speedway to convert it to a premier Outlaw Kart Track! The track has seen much needed improvements over the last 3 years including new lights, new walls, and a new configuration for 2013. The Mini Outlaw karts put on an amazing show with 2 and 3 wide racing throughout the field. Millbridge Speedway is only open on select Wednesday nights for racing. This enables people who travel or race at other venues on the weekends to race with us and have a good time during the week.

Outlaw Sprint Karts are the best thrill you can get for the dollar. The power to weight ratio is the closest you can get to an actual sprint car. The Mini Outlaw Series is a very affordable form of racing. The Mini Outlaws attract several different drivers from the top series such as NASCAR and ARCA.

The Open class is our premier class with the biggest power and most excitement. Most karts have 500cc engines on them with approx 80-90 HP. The karts have to weigh only 450 lbs with the driver. This gives the kart and incredible power to weight ratio. The karts have wing on them giving them lots of needed down force and the look of a Mini World of Outlaw Sprint car.

The 125cc class is our 2nd tier class and a breeding ground for the Open class. Just like the open class the rules are pretty wide open, except for a wing rule and a Right Rear tire rule. We have seen several graduates from the 125 class to move into the open division and win!

The Box Stock division is for children ages 8-16. The Box Stock class is made up of built Clone Engines. This division runs spec Burris Tires that are impounded each week so teams are not allowed to tamper or soak the tires. This keeps cost down and the competition close!
The Beginner Box Stock division is the young guns of the sport ranging from just 4 years old up to 8! This class is the same concept as the Box Stock division except with a restrictor plate to slow the engines down for the little guys!

Gates open at 5:00pm
Hot Laps start at 7:00pm
Qualifying at 7:50pm
Racing at 8:00pm